Hello there.

Please ensure you request any character sheets by 8/15/21, as after that I'll be bringing the site entirely offline and archiving the data.

It's recently come to my attention that this site has been broadly used outside of my intended purpose: a small builder pre-populated with defaults for a campaign I'm running with some friends of mine.

In fact, apparently I was the top result on google.com for OrcPub, which is humbling and also terrifying, given the likelihood that I would somehow attract WotC's attention.

So, this site is not returning in any shape or form for public use.

Please use www.dungeonmastersvault.com instead - they're the original maintainers and developers of the open-source code I've got deployed here.

If you have a character sheet on here and need it badly, please email me at falcon2001@gmail.com and provide your username and password, and I'll log in and export it as a pdf for you.

Yes, you shouldn't be handing out usernames and passwords to people, but I don't have any way of exporting it elsewise and I'm not bringing the site back up for public use unfortunately.

A minor plug since I'm getting so much traffic here:

In case you're hiring or know someone that's hiring in the Seattle area for someone with service engineering, operations, or crisis management experience, hit me up.